Have you said God bless Nigeria God bless me today? If no, say it now.
If you and I need a change in this country our country Nigeria, then we need to start from our confession, point of view and the imagination of our mind. See Nigeria corruption free, say it with your mouth and you shall have what you say.
Envisage the positive changes millions of people’s confession of “GOD BLESS NIGERIA” daily will do to Nigeria. Know this; you are a Nigerian, I am a Nigerian, together we make a Nigeria. The more you bless Nigeria, the more you bless yourself.
Broadcast this message to your contacts who knows if they may be the next leader of change, who knows if you are that leader of peace.
My Nigeria, my country, my Home.
Olatunde Afe. CEO of Mr Kade Sesame Farm.

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2 Responses to GOD BLESS NIGERIA

  1. Kade4U says:

    God Bless Nigeria


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